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Agenda | Landlord-Tenant Law: From Lease to Eviction Seminar | New Haven, CT | April 26, 2017
Landlord-Tenant Law: From Lease to Eviction Seminar
  1. Lease Drafting and Tenant Accommodations     
    1. Legally screening and qualifying tenants: Fair Housing, discrimination, and background checks
    2. Essential pro-active and remedial lease provisions, prohibited rental agreement provisions
    3. Security deposits and personal guarantees
    4. Late fees: how much is too much?
    5. Special circumstances (public and subsidized housing, mobile homes)
    6. ADA accommodations, service animals, and therapy pets
    7. Other lease issues
    8. Questions and answers
  2. Landlord Obligations and Tenant Rights
    1. Case law studies
    2. Physical defects on the premises, liability for injury, and other risk management issues
    3. Providing security
    4. Lead paint, mold, radon, asbestos: remediation responsibilities
    5. Duty to repair
    6. Questions and answers
  3. Evictions: When the Agreement Ends…For Better or Worse 
    1. Terminating the tenancy
      1. Causes for eviction: breach for non-payment of rent, nuisance, and other miscellaneous
      2. Other problems: ending the relationship, SCRA protections, abandonment of property
      3. Local “tenants’ rights” ordinances
    2. Landlord actions
      1. Demands, notices, lockouts
      2. Forcible Entry and Detainer Action
      3. Jurisdiction and venue
      4. The writ: preparation, entry, and service
      5. Discovery
      6. The hearing, statutory defenses, and appeals
      7. The Writ of Possession
    3. Landlord deposits
    4. Fair credit reporting
    5. Mediation
  4. Landlord or Tenant Files Bankruptcy   
    1. Review of the assumption and rejection procedure and the automatic stay
      1. The automatic stay
      2. Assumption and rejection
    2. Rights of tenant when landlord is in bankruptcy
    3. Rights of the landlord when tenant is in bankruptcy
    4. Limitations on the automatic stay for residential tenants in bankruptcy
    5. Changes affecting leases and real estate
    6. Collections and judgments
  5. Collections: Enforcing Your Judgment  
    1. Considerations before pursuing a money judgment: it is worth it?
    2. Obtaining necessary information to collect judgment early in the rental process
    3. Bringing the collection action 
    4. Obtaining your judgment
    5. Enforcing your judgment and post-judgment discovery     
  6. Ethical Considerations in Landlord-Tenant Law 
    1. Ethical situations
    2. Conflicts of interest, un-represented, dual representation, and competency
    3. Negotiating with a pro se tenant at court
    4. Fee arrangements and getting paid