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Agenda | Landlord-Tenant Law: Lease Agreements, Defaults, and Collections Seminar | Burlington, VT | June 02, 2016
Landlord-Tenant Law: Lease Agreements, Defaults, and Collections Seminar
  1. Lease Agreements, Tenant Issues, and Documentation      
    1. Screening and qualifying prospective tenants  
      1. Basics
      2. Verifying the applicant (and keeping all records safe from identity theft)
      3. Written screening criteria
      4. Avoiding discrimination
        1. Basics
        2. Reasonable modifications
        3. ADA accommodations, animals assisting people with disabilities, therapy assistance animals
        4.  “Restoration agreements”
        5.  “Reasonable accommodations”
        6. Federal Fair Housing Act
        7. Open housing laws
      5. Rental application
      6. Credit checks
      7. Rejecting an applicant (legally)
    2. Rental documents         
      1. Rental agreement
      2. Rules and regulations
      3. Nonstandard rental provisions and prohibited rental agreement provisions
      4. Tenant inspection /acceptance form (check-in / check-out)
      5. Disclosure of information on lead-based paint
      6. Pet agreement    
  2. Tenant Default, Notice of Default, and Lease Termination 
    1. Notice of default: issuance, service, and specificity                              
    2. Lease termination and surrender
    3. Enforcement of accelerated rent and default clauses
    4. Abandoned property
    5. Tenant defenses: SCRA protections, retaliatory eviction action, habitability, and others
  3. Landlord-Tenant Evictions and Litigation    
    1. Case studies and current trends in litigating landlord-tenant disputes   
    2. The summary proceeding                                                                                           
    3. Answer, defense, and counterclaims in landlord-tenant litigation                               
    4. Settlement and post-judgment issues                                                                           
    5. When, if ever, is a judgment final?                                                                     
  4. Landlord-Tenant Case Law & Legislative Updates
  5. Collections: Enforcing Your Judgment  
    1. When a tenant files bankruptcy: what can you do?
    2. Considerations before pursuing judgment: is it worth it?
    3. Obtain necessary information to collect judgment early in the rental process
    4. Taking judgment
    5. Docketing the judgment
    6. Financial disclosure forms
    7. Supplemental examination
    8. Garnishments
    9. Absconding
  6. Ethical Considerations in Landlord-Tenant Law
    1. Ethical situations
    2. Conflicts of interest, un-represented, dual representation, and competency
    3. Negotiating with a pro se tenant at court
    4. Fee arrangements, getting paid