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Agenda | Workers' Compensation Law and Practice Seminar | Sioux Falls, SD | August 30, 2016
Workers' Compensation Law and Practice Seminar
  1. General Principles of Workers’ Compensation      
    1. The types of risk                                                                
    2. Elements of a workers’ compensation case and case studies
    3. Practice tips, definitions, and concepts                                                                                 
      1. Disabilities: temporary and permanent                                   
      2. Vocational rehabilitation benefits
      3. Psychological injuries
      4. Scheduled injuries and loss of use valuation
      5. Average weekly wage
      6. Medical care and choice of health care provider
      7. Litigation process and procedures      
  2. The Workers’ Compensation Case  
    1. Application of exclusive remedy of workers’ compensation
      1. Employer negligence, intentional tort, dual capacity, or dual persona
      2. Third-party contribution claims and exception
      3. Indemnity and contribution
    2. Statute of limitations
      1. Failure to file first report of injury
      2. Latent injuries
      3. Award or stipulation of future medical expenses
      4. Legal disability
    3. Employer, employee, and independent contractor status
      1. Control, supervision, type of work, length of time
      2. Distinct occupation or business, skill, materials, and tools
      3. Method of payment and taxes
      4. Intent of relationship
    4. Statutory employer vs. actual employer: business owner, contractor/subcontractor; temporary staffing
    5. Medical examiner/evaluator
  3. Maintaining Your Claim File    
    1. Claims notes    
    2. Proper investigation of a claim
  4. Legislative and Case Law Update   
    1. Legislative  
    2. Case law
    3. What changes are coming in WC
  5. Discussion Topics in Workers’ Compensation    
    1. Settlements     
    2. Return to work issues
    3. Independent contractors
    4. Managing chronic pain
    5. Aggregate wages
    6. Employee documentation
  6. Ethical & Professional Behavior
    1. Ethical hypotheticals  
    2. Ethics and social media
    3. Other challenges in today’s workers’ compensation law practice