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Agenda | Advanced Workers' Compensation Seminar | Providence, RI | May 24, 2016
Advanced Workers' Compensation Seminar
  1. Employers’ Defenses  
    1. Use of surveillance and submission of surveillance to court and experts
    2. Employees who fail to report earnings or wages
    3. Alcohol and drug use; post-accident test results
    4. Failure to timely report injury
    5. Statute of limitations: 2 years or 10 years
    6. Jurisdiction: location of hiring or location of injury
    7. Independent contractor or day laborer 
  2. Settlement Evaluations and Procedures
    1. Negotiating settlements
    2. Appeals to CMS for Medicare Set Asides
    3. The value of disfigurement
  3. Chronic Pain Issues 
    1. Interdisciplinary chronic pain management
    2. New treatments
  4. Workers’ Compensation from a Defense Perspective  
    1. Apportionment of occupational diseases
    2. The 312-week gate and odd-lot claims
    3. Maximum Medical Improvement
    4. Return to Work programs and suitable alternative employment
    5. Limiting exposures 
  5. Workers’ Compensation Updates 
    1. Legislative
    2. Case law
    3. Coming attractions: what changes are next in WC
  6. Ethics and Today’s Practitioner
    1. Declining civility in the legal profession        
    2. Ethics and attorneys who blog
    3. Current lawyer advertising and marketing ethics
    4. Other challenges in today’s workers’ compensation law practice
    5. Ethical hypotheticals
  7. A View from the Bench  
    1. Viewpoints from a professional on practicing workers’ compensation in the current times