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Agenda | Fundamentals of Workers' Compensation Seminar | Pittsburgh, PA | July 21, 2015
Fundamentals of Workers' Compensation Seminar
  1. State Case Law, Legislative Update, and Overview
    1. State case law and legislative update
    2. Basic definitions and concepts
      1. Who is a covered worker? Does illegal status preclude coverage?
      2. Definitions of injury and disability
      3. Benefits available, including most recent changes
      4. Distinction between occupational disease and injury claims
      5. Specific occupational diseases
  2. The Workers’ Compensation Claim
    1. Who are the parties? What are their roles and interests?
    2. Handling the workers’ compensation claim
      1. Setting up the file
      2. The initial interview
      3. Evaluation of the claimant by a doctor
      4. When to accept or deny a claim
      5. Instituting litigation
    3. Defenses to workers’ compensation claim
    4. Preparation and presentation of medical proof to establish or refute claims
    5. Settlement implication, lump sum/without present value commutation
    6. The impact of subrogation
  3. Interplay Between Benefits
    1. WC, FMLA, ADA; federal and state
    2. Medicare set-aside and Social Security offset
  4. Temporary Benefits: Partial and Total   
    1. Loss of earning power benefits: temporary partial disability benefits              
    2. Time loss: temporary total disability benefits                                                            
    3. Earning power assessments and labor market surveys                    
    4. Vocational rehabilitation and medical versus vocational time loss
  5. Permanent Disability and the Work Injury from the Employer Perspective
    1. Permanent Partial Disability
      1. Maximum Medical Improvement
      2. Impairment Rating Evaluations
    2. Work injury from employers perspective
      1. Considerations prior to a work injury
      2. Post work injury actions
      3. Returning the injured worker to work
      4. Terminating the injured worker
  6. Ethical Considerations in Workers’ Compensation
  7. The Mediation Process and Evaluating Claims for Settlement